Lug Ripper

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The Lug Ripper™ is a state of the art tool that removes seized or frozen lug nuts off of the rim of a vehicle in a matter of minutes. This highly designed tool offers technicians a solution to the never ending problem of removing rusted, seized or frozen lug nuts from a vehicle. This “one of a kind” tool is a specialized drill bit that is so strong it can used many times. The Lug Ripper™ is designed to remove lug nuts without damaging the tire rim of a vehicle. The Lug Ripper™ will save you time and money and will become every technicians “go-to” tool when an immobile lug nut needs to be removed. The name says it all…The Lug Ripper™, “You Strip’em, We Rip’em!

Lug Ripper is manufactured in the USA.  Patented and Trademarked Product.