Lug Ripper

Rules 4 R Tools


Do not use on steel cased hardened security nuts, locks or lug bolts. 

See for these. 

 We highly recommend that you watch our 5th Gen Instructional video and spinning lug nut video prior to use; there is different information in each video that may be helpful to your type of lug nut problem. 

   A 1/2” hand held battery operated 2 speed drill that turns 300-500 rpms on low speed is the recommended device. 

   The lug ripper drill bit is made out of M42 Cobalt steel with a step head for faster cutting. 

   With over one year of research, this Generation 5 drill bit has been tested and proven to be first-rate. 

   The drill bit was specially designed to cut holes through studs and nuts at a slow speed like under 500 rpms with a battery drill. 

   Dry drilling is ok, small amount of cutting oil on the tip is ok, water to cool the shaft is ok. 

    Attach guide to an already removed lug nut, slide on the clamp and tighten it slightly. 

   Insert drill bit into the guide and spin it both directions to see if any restrictions or it the bit binds inside the guide. 

   Make sure to clean and oil all tools prior to storage. 

   If used properly, the drill bit will be able to drill out lug nuts multiple times.