Lug Ripper




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Lug Ripper is to be used on lug nuts only, do not use on lug bolts or lug locks.

Lug Ripper will remove all threads from the lug nut and the lug stud. Replace both.

Items needed for lug nut removal are:

  • Lug Ripper
  • Guide
  • ½” Air drill (with chuck) 700 rpms (No Battery Drills)
  • Water bottle or purchase Water Bladder Kit.
    • Water is used as a lubricant during the entire drilling process.

Please read “Rules for Our Tools” on our website under the “Home” tab.

Select the appropriate guide that fits the lug nut you will be drilling out.

Attach the guide to an already removed lug nut, slide on the clamp and tighten it slightly.

Insert drill bit into the guide and spin it both directions to see if any restrictions or it the bit binds inside the guide. If any binding or restriction is noticed or felt, we have provided you with a “Shim”. Tape the shim long way to the outside of the lug nut, then install the guide over the shimmed lug nut. This will open the guide 1.2 mm wider so that the drill bit will not bind inside the guide. Shim video available on the Website and YouTube.

Place the guide onto the lug nut with the slots open on top and bottom. This will allow the water to enter the top of the guide and metal shavings to exit the bottom of the guide.

Slide on the round circular clamp over the guide and rotate it so the locking screw is on the metal not an open slot.  If you are unable to install the clamp due to rim type, use an open-ended wrench to hold the guide into place. (See photo). You may need someone to assist you.

Lock in the Lug Ripper cutter into a ½” chuck style air drill and lubricate the tip with oil.

Set up the Water Bladder Kit to use as your lubrication system (see provided instructions and or You Tube video) or grab a large water bottle. Drill a 1/8” hole in the cap to use as a squirt bottle. Most shops have an overhead water hose that can be used at a slow speed.

Insert the cutter into the guide and with light to medium pressure start drilling into the lug nut.   After a short time you will feel a release and lack of progress, this is when the head is sheared off.  Remove the cutter from the guide and use a telescope magnet to grab the flat metal head. (See photos).

Continue drilling using medium to hard pressure until the process is completed. Remember to keep a constant flow of water during the entire process. (This is important to ensure tip life)

As you reach then end of the threads, the lug nut will become loose and break free from the stud.  Remove the lug nut, the rim along with the stud. You will need to replace stud and nut and reinstall the rim.

Clean all tools and spray tools with oil inside and out. Place tools in storage container for next use.


Thank you for purchasing the Lug Ripper.


Click here for Instructional Video


Click here for Shim Video


Click here for Water Bladder Kit Video