Lug Ripper


LUG RIPPER Instructions Gen 5 – October 2021 

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Lug Ripper is to be used on lug nuts only, do not use on European lug bolts or lug locks- See 

Lug Ripper will remove all threads from the lug nut and the lug stud. Replace both. 

Items needed for lug nut removal are: 

  • Lug Ripper Kit 
  • Safety Glasses 
  • ½” Battery operated drill with 2 speeds. This new drill bit requires very slow speeds for drilling (200 to 350 rpm) 
  • Oil or water is recommended on the shaft inside the guide to reduce heat. Dry drill through the lug nut head, then ok to add oil or water to the shaft during rest of the drilling.  There is a hole on the guide to insert Water Bladder Hose. 

Please read “Rules for Our Tools” on our website under the “Home” tab. 

  • Go Slow, do Not overheat the bit or guide, do Not use with air drill or electric drills. (They will be too fast for this bit) 
  • Select the appropriate size guide and place the guide onto the lug nut with the slots open on top and bottom to the lug nut you wish to remove. 
  • This will allow the metal shavings to exit the bottom of the guide. 
  • Insert the drill bit into the guide and spin it both directions to see if any restrictions or it the bit binds inside the guide. If so, shim the guide to open it larger with a small piece of metal. 
  • Slide on the round circular clamp over the guide and rotate it so the locking screw is on the metal, not an open slot. 
  • If you are unable to install the clamp due to rim type, use an open-ended wrench to hold the guide into place. You may need assistance or use a bungee cord. 
  • Measure the length of the stud and lug nut to determine how deep is needed.  
  • Attach the guide and insert the drill bit, add blue tape to the drill bit ½ the distance that you have measured of the needed to drill distance. 
  • Recommend to dry drill in the beginning to break through the lug nut head. You may use oil or water on the shaft while inside the guide to reduce friction and heat. 
  • If at any time your drill bit gets too hot and smokes, stop and cool the bit and the guide down- or use water to cool then off.  
  • Set up the Water Bladder Kit to use as your lubrication system (See our You Tube video) or grab a large water bottle to cool and lubricate the shaft inside the guide. 
  • Insert the drill bit into the guide and with light pressure start drilling on setting #2 or high speed into the lug nut.   
  • After a short time (45 seconds or so) you will hear and feel a change, this is when the large head of the drill has made contact.   
  • Reduce to slow speed or setting # 1 on the drill. 
  • Continue drilling using light pressure until the you have reached the blue tape mark or ½ way to drilling out all of the threads. 
  • At any point you may stop, install socket and try to remove the lug nut.  It may have become loose enough to remove without having to drill out more. 
  • As you reach then end of the threads, there might be binding or restriction, if so stop. Remove the drill, bit and collar clamp and try to remove the lug with a socket wrench.  
  • If no binding at the end the lug nut will become loose and break free from the stud.  Remove the lug nut, the rim along with the stud.  
  • You will need to replace stud and nut and reinstall the rim. 
  • Clean all tools and spray tools with oil inside and out. Place tools in storage container for next use. 
  • This drill bit can be sharpened if done properly, such as using the Drill Doctor or similar devices. 
  • See Video Tab for all videos- also available on YouTube. 

All videos are available on Lug and You Tube Lug Ripper Channel 


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